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Meat America

Aug 31, 2020

In this episode of the Meat America Podcast we sit down with Meathead Goldwyn who is an author, food mythbuster, and owner of, which is one of the top 25 most popular food websites in the US with over 3,000 pages of incredible research and knowledge about all things BBQ and food related.

Today we'll discuss starting the website in 2005 (4:45), finding a team and building a business (8:45), the impact of Covid-19 (11:00), dealing with the popularity of the site (15:50), getting hatemail (22:40), common food myths that have broken (26:45), discussing some nicknames (35:25), Pellet grills and BBQ (38:00), the changing landscape of the internet over time (52:50), some of his best moments along his journey (56:50)


The Meat America Podcast presented by Code 3 Spices will “meat” experts to discuss incredible stories, business and life advice, meat (of course), and much much more!

Like a bunch of friends gathered around the grill, the meat brings us together but our unique lineup of guests will take the conversation in exciting directions. Are you ready for an adventure? Follow along every week as we Meat America!

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